Friday, January 16, 2009

Imagine seeing this on the way to work!

What the f.....!!!



BeautysSymphony said...


yankeedog said...

Imperial Police.

Anonymous said...

HI! I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth. :)

Maybe he's wearing that so the speed cameras can't identify him. I should remember that. ;)


Bangar said...

Well I suppose it's a legitimate reason for carrying the blaster.

Big Bad Al said...

Let me see your Driver's License.
[with a small wave of his hand] You don't need to see his Driver's License.
We don't need to see his Driver's License.
These aren't the speeders you're looking for.
These aren't the speeders we're looking for.
He can go about his business.
You can go about your business.
Move along.
Move along... move along.

Roz said...

Crash from looking.

miss amy said...

Michael Jackson making his way to court....again...