Monday, January 19, 2009

The swimming pool

Some of you folks who were following the Soapbox Opera in JS would have seen the first pictures of project pool. I can't remember what I posted so I'll post them again.

The before shot

Digging the hole, the guy used a laser level and cut to a 5mm tolerance! wow!

The hole with deep end

Finally! The day arrives when they can install it. Due to gross mismanagement, I had to wait a week before the installer could get to me after the hole was dug and of course it rained didn't it! I had to buy a pump to empty the fracking thing as the installer won't touch it if it's not completely dry.

taking shape

Shaping the bottom

Installing the liner

Finally its full

Splash! Enjoy!


yankeedog said...

Hey! Pool looks alright! That's a nice size-big enough to lounge in but not so big that it's a majoe effort to maintain.

A deck would look good around part of the pool along with some sort of gazebo or shaded area.

The fellow in the last picture looks uncomfortably like a cousin of mine, though. Scary!

Moko 2.0 said...

Hey, can we bring the goats and the horsie around?. We're going thru so much water that would be PERFECT!.

Looks nice mate. Yeah, with your carpentry ability I'm sure you'd kill a decking and gazebo.

Therbs said...

Hmmm, poolside beers. Count me in!

KIT said...

How long did it take to construct?

Bangar said...

Looks good Mick and the right time of year to enjoy it.

Flinthart said...

Quick: which beer is that? Report to Birmo at once!

Havock21 said...

Hey, i could have hooked ya up with some ampho and dets and that excavator would not have been needed...BASTARD. it looks cool. BASTARD AGAIN.


Tygertim said...

Nice, Innit???!!! I'm looking forward to useing the Park pool in the summer... Lot's of good viewing for which I don't get red hand prints on me :D

MickH said...

A deck is next guys. I've gotta plan it and submit it to council first ($450!!!) Then I have to get the cash together to build it. It ain't cheap!

Kit: It took a day for the hole to be dug and a day to assemble it but in reality the project took almost 2 months due to weather and management incompetency.

Flinty: Its a Carlton Larger and Birmo has already dished it!

Havoc: quicker certainly but far, far messier. Also I think the neighbours might have an issue with all of the broken windows and fallout.

Chaz said...

Mick and you can take that smug grin and shove it!!!

Glad it's finsihed before winter!!!

Damian said...

Ah the old adage: measure with vernier calipers, mark with chalk, cut with an axe. At least, for values of "axe" that include "backhoe".

Looks good anyhow - good luck with the ongoing plans.