Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another goofy house

I don't like this one as much as the other one though


yankeedog said...

I happen to know some blogger who covered this house, inside and out, on their blog last year.

We'll let it slide this time... :)

Pastor Larry said...

Very interesting. Now we know where that UFO finally landed.

Anonymous said...

Beam me up Scotty.

uamada said...

Didn't there used to be a service station on the way to the gold coast that was shaped like this?

Mary Kitt-Neel said...

Oh! I've been there! It's on the road going from Chattanooga to Signal Mountain. We went there last summer. If the trees in the pic had leaves on them I'd swear it was the picture we took.

Big Bad Al said...

Uamada is right. There was a flying saucer servo on the old Gold Coast Highway.

What is it with these weird houses? Can't they afford to paint them?

Anonymous said...

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