Saturday, March 21, 2009


Guess which team won the local under 15's basketball comp!


Moko 2.0 said...

Imagine being 14 and stepping out on to the court and seeing that freak of nature loping down there like some human shaped giraffe.

I'd pack up and go home.

mr-stu said...

I was like that freak of nature at school, in fact I still am!

Bangar said...

The taller they are the sooner the knees go ... one way or the other.

Domestic Daze said...

You think that looks funny. 5 foot tall mother, one son about 5'10" and hasn't stopped growing, the other one i call shorty. he is 6'4". the photos are a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Hiya,, I dont know where u find your piccies... but I hope u dont mind me following (actually too bad, DD can vouch for me, Im harmless,, honest)
absolute crack up some of these pics..

MickH said...

Everyone is welcome at the Opera Faded Redhead.

Welcome aboard!