Friday, February 27, 2009

Interesting concept

But I can't see it catching on. It might be soothing and calming and everything, but the water had better be at room temp.

Naw! be way to soggy for me and my laptop wouldn't like it


Pastor Larry said...

Yeah but no one would need a potty break

yankeedog said...

Beat to the punch by the Pastor!

Domestic Daze said...

You got a good point there, the laptop must come first. And besides, some of us would get a bit bored and there you go, water fight! Not that any of us would be so childish, yea, we would.

Anonymous said...

Green networking?

hughesy said...

WTF are they advertising? Incontinence nappies?

jadedj said...

Pastor, you made my mind up for me.